Commercial Solar PV System

For businesses around the Sri Lanka, cutting costs is simply part of everyday life. Reducing those operating costs will increase profits and yet so many companies in the Sri Lanka still pay a monthly fee to the electricity companies. With the latest drive towards solar power the Government offers companies incentive to install solar panels on their roofs so that they can generate their own electricity. This not only means that a large monthly cost is reduced or even eliminated but it also means that with the Feed in Tariff, companies can also sell electricity back to the National Grid.

As well as reducing operating costs, installing solar panels into business premises can also help gain new customers. Showing that your firm is environmentally-conscious, strengthens your company’s green credentials, contributes to CO2 savings whilst also demonstrating your use of renewable energy. With virtually no maintenance costs to consider with the installation of Solar panels and the warranties available, Solar energy is certainly a valuable asset to any company, saving energy, carbon as well as providing extensive financial benefits.

With our commercial Solar PV System installations we also offer companies the facility to monitor the generation of electricity being produced through a web based portal monitoring system.